Purpose: Comparing files. As opposed to the DOS COMP command, CompTree can create a log file of the results, compare files in subdirectories and delete one file if the two match completely (practical, for example, for erasing source files after writing a CD: Files that are not written correctly don't get erased).
Can also be used for a readability test of scratched CDs, floppies etc.
Background: Several problems with destroyed files caused by unstable network connections and hard drives, and not least bad CD-ROM publishing software.
CT eases the work of comparing the copied/burned files with the originals, before these are erased.
CT can also assist in comparing and erasing doubles, for example when you have downloaded a collection of new files from a newsgroup and want to erase those that you have already.
Status: Finished package with documentation in Danish and English.
Currently not being developed anymore.
Known problems: The command line can't be longer than 127 characters. This is a limitation in DOS, not in CompTree.
Changes: Version 1.81:
  • No new features.
  • Fixes:
    • Cosmetic issues when using /C or /C2 with more than 2 GB.

Version 1.80+6:
  • No new features.
  • Fixes:
    • Problems with the program hanging with very long path names.
    • "Target not found" no longer appears in DOS when the target file is located in a hidden directory

Version 1.80:
  • Screen output can be suppressed
  • Result-determined and -dependent beeps
  • Empty subdirs are automatically deleted
Download: Version 1.81: CTREE181.ZIP (current version), 48.779 bytes. Last modified 2002-10-20.

Version 1.80+6: CTREE180.ZIP, 47.537 bytes. Last modified 1999-10-19.
Version 1.70: CTREE170.ZIP, 43.357 bytes. Last modified 1999-8-14.